Coin mining TONG (Staking)

What is staking?

Staking – from the English stake – "bet", "part of the profit" -receiving passive income from cryptocurrencies on the PoS algorithm and its variations.
The essence of the process is to hold the coins in the wallet to get the right to participate in the mining cryptocurrencies and make a profit.

There is no single answer to the natural question: "How many TONG coins per month will I mine in the TONG Eco-System blockchain?"
Conventionally, the mining of TONG coins in the blockchain can be divided into three directions:

  • individual participation (personal wallet balance);

  • group participation (total balance of the wallet structure);

  • participation in an online game (economic strategy, etc.).

All directions among themselves are both independent and solidary at the same time. the efforts in each direction are summed up.

  1. Individual participation (staking part 1).

  2. On an individual basis, the calculation of the stake percentage, depending on the wallet balance, can be make up from 3 to 7 percent of the extracted TONG coins on the wallet balance per month.

    The calculation of the staking percentage is based on the wallet balance obtained from any recent transaction on to the wallet - incoming or outgoing.

    The monthly percentage of coins credited to the wallet balance will be:

    • 0.01 – 10,000 coins 3.0%
    • 10,001 – 25,000 coins 3.5%
    • 25,001 – 50,000 coins 4.0%
    • 50 001 – 75,000 coins 4.5%
    • 75 001 – 100,000 coins 5.0%

    • 100 001 – 200,000 coins 5.5%
    • 200 001 – 300,000 coins 6.0%
    • 300 001 – 400 000 coins 6.5%
    • 400 001 – 500,000 coins 7.0%

    Example. You initially purchased 1000 TONG coins. From this point on, the System starts you earn staking and, according to the table below, its value will be 3% on the wallet balance per month.

    You can see the value of staking at any time in your personal account. Calculating the value staking for your wallet occurs at a rate of 10 times per second. When received to your wallet, if you transfer any amount of TONG coins from your wallet, the coins will be credited to your wallet staking.

    Let's continue the example. Let's say that to the already existing thousand TONG coins, in 2 weeks you will additionally purchased another 10,000 TONG coins. At the moment when your balance on the wallet changes and amounts to 11,000 TONG coins, the System will charge you a staking for 2 weeks of storing 1000 TONG coins, the staking counter it will change to the value " 0 " and start counting with a new multiplier of 3.5 percent (according to the table 10001-25000).

    Important. When you reach the wallet balance of 500,000 coins, the staking will stop at this moment The System will not make any additional charges. However, nothing will happen to the wallet itself You can store money on your wallet and use your wallet, making and accepting any transfers, in any way the number of coins. There are no restrictions on the wallet balance.

  3. Group participation - the total balance of the wallet structure (staking part 2).

  4. The TONG blockchain system initially provides and implements the possibility of active earnings. An active participant who wants to develop rapidly has the opportunity to create their own structure (s).

    The horizontal structure of wallets is not limited by anything. You can invite any number of friends to the collective chain you create. Any participant who came at your invitation, after when you activate his wallet, it will join your horizontal structure. Vertical structure wallets are limited to 18 (eighteen) levels down.

    To activate any wallet in your "horizontal" chain, you need to «register»; in the blockchain, you have the wallet of your friend or the participant you attracted. Make it perfect it is not difficult, you only need to transfer from your wallet at least 0.01 (one hundredth) of the TONG coin to such a wallet (to be activated in your horizontal structure). Your «vertical» the structure grows itself – activated wallets of your followers ' followers automatically integrated into your vertical structure 18 levels down.

    The percentage of staking for group participation in the structure of wallets is calculated as:


    • 2.1 Constant percentage of the staking value on the current coin balance TONG of all wallets included in your Structure:

      • less than 101 coins 0%
      • 101 – 10  000              value staking rate will be 0.50% per month
      • 10   001 – 25  000       the staking value will be 0.75% per month
      • 25   001 – 50  000       the staking value will be 1.00% per month
      • 50   001 – 100  000     the staking value will be 1.50% in month
      • 100   001   500   000   the staking value will be 3.00% per month
      • Over 500   001 coins, the staking value will be 5% per month

    • 2.2 Monthly positive change in the balance amount of TONG coins all wallets included in your Structure, by the size of the balance Your own wallet:

      •   120% the staking value will be 2% per month
      •    130% the staking value will be 3% per month
      •    150% the staking value will be 4% per month
      •    300% the staking value will be 5% per month
      •    350% the staking value will be 6% per month
      •    400% the staking value will be 7% per month

    Example. Your own wallet balance is 10 000 TONG coins, and you just became a member of the TONG eco-system. You haven't started building your own Structure yet, accordingly, the total balance is absent, that is, it is equal to zero. However, you are active member, and your own group structure of wallets has grown over the month, and the total balance The wallet structure was 15,000 TONG coins. That is, the monthly increase in the balance of your wallets The balance was 150% of the balance of your own wallet. The balance of your Structure does not take into account (does not add up) the balance of your own wallet.

    Upon the fact of an incoming or outgoing transaction on your wallet by the TONG System, you will be credited:

    • for the first part, the staking value will be 4% (the structure's balance increased by 150% of the balance your wallet);
    • for the second part, the staking value will be 0.75% (according to the balance sheet table of structure 10 000-25, 000 coins).

    The interest rate in the example shown is for the month, but the total value of the staking is calculated by by the actual time interval between wallet transactions.


  5. Participation in Game «The Days of Grace» (staking part 3).

    If your Unit (game character) is in one of the Leagues of the Game (economic strategy), then the System you will be additionally credited with up to 6% of coins per month on your wallet balance., depending on whether your Unit belongs to a particular League. The exact percentage values for the Game's League membership will be announced later, before the start of the Game.

Thus, with full involvement (immersion) in Eco-System TONG, the participant can summarily, to the maximum, extract up to 25% of coins TONG per month to the balance of your wallet.


The maximum possible percentage consists of: 7% staking (Part 1), 5% staking (Part 2.1), 7% staking (Part 2.2), 6% staking (Part 3). Total: 7%+7%+5%+6%=25% per month.