A few facts about TONG – most frequently asked questions

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TONG – abbreviation of & laquo; Terra Open Network the Days of Grace»– The only input/output tool for online economic strategy « Days of Grace » (The Days of Grace).

A fully decentralized and self-regulating digital coin. Practical and simple implementation digital coin concepts, allowing any user to easily store and make transfers directly, like transferring things out of hand in your hands.

  • What is the TONG digital coin?
  • There is no unambiguously correct answer to the question: "What is a TONG coin?».

    The thing is that TONG is not only a digital coin, but also an entire Eco-System developed on the foundation of the TONG blockchain - the TONG blockchain itself, which controls the NODE (Nodes) of coin accrual users for storage (staking algorithm), the exchange for placing orders by users for purchase and TONG coin sales and the TONG Wallet mobile app for smartphones with the operating system Android.

    < p>TONG is the ONLY digital coin in the World today whose blockchain was not created for as the only payment tool for the online game (economic strategy) " Terra Open Network the Days of Grace" ("Days of Greatness" (The Days of Grace)) " Open Network of the Territory of the Days of Greatness.

    TONG - a digital coin, the demand for which is not determined by the moment the demand (interest) of speculators (traders) with their "invisible hand of the market" (which, like it is known that we are very manageable), and the own needs of the participants (users) of the Eco-System TONG.


  • Advantages of the TONG coin.
  • The TONG coin is mined (staking) in your own wallet, without requiring the cost of electricity and some other resources. special knowledge, as well as the equipment on the user's side. The rate of generation of new coins has a direct relationship from:

    • the number of coins in your personal wallet;
    • the wallets of your Followers Structure are 18 levels deep;< / li> < li>depends on your status (participation in the League) in the online game "Days of Greatness".

    The advantages of the TONG coin include the following features:

    1. Absolute publicity - everyone can see the balances of any wallet and the total balance of coins in TONG Eco-System.
    2. < li>staking & ndash; generation of new coins in users ' wallets at a rate of 3% to 25% per month in depending on the user's personal participation in the TONG Eco-System.
    3. No special computing power is required to generate coins.
    4. It is intended for transfers & ndash; through a convenient mobile application using the details from your personal account from your personal account or via a QR code.
    5. The highest degree of protection of the wallet.
    6. High-speed transfer of coins from one wallet to another.
    7. A fully decentralized system.


  • How many TONG coins are generated per month?
  • The number, as well as the rate of generation of new TONG coins, is directly dependent on the number of coins on your personal wallet, on the wallets of your Followers Structure at 18 levels in depth, and on your status (participation in the League) in the online game "Days of Greatness".

    For more information about the algorithms for adding coins to your personal wallet balance, see "Storage".


  • How to create a TONG wallet correctly?
  • It is important to understand that you are dealing with a digital coin, where your wallet number and the passphrase from the wallet are interrelated. < strong>By changing just one character in the passphrase (or public key), it is quite possible that you will end up in another wallet belonging to another user. Access to the same Your funds will be lost forever.

    If a fraudster somehow finds out your password, you will not be able to change your password without changing your wallet. When You will understand and understand this issue, then you will not and will never have any problems with the safety of TONG coins.

    We recommend that you do not store the password phrase from the wallet in electronic form on your computer. At the moment after registering your wallet, print out or write down the passphrase from your wallet. Passcode the phrase must be kept out of the reach of others.